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* by purchasing our natural jewelry you are supporting island artisans & families.  ...enjoy your exotic nature...

Explore our collection of Gauge Earrings and organic body jewelry in tropical wood, horn and bone that have been carved into 6g piercing jewelry by professional craftsmen.

Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.
6 Gauge Earrings | Water Buffalo Bone, 6 gauged earrings.
Piercing Jewelry | Horn, 6 gauge
Piercing Jewelry | Horn, 6 gauge
Piercing Jewelry | Horn, 6 gauge
Gauges | Willow Blossom, 6 gauge, amber horn.
Gauges | Willow Blossom, 6 gauge, Sono Earrings.

6 Gauge Earrings |

Explore our collection of Gauge Earrings and organic body jewelry in tropical wood, horn and bone that have been carved into 6g piercing jewelry by professional craftsmen.

Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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Body Jewelry and 6 gauge earrings in organic wood, bone, horn, and natural gauged earrings in tribal and spiral designs in black, white, and natural 
These organic gauge earrings and body jewelry are carved in spiral and tribal designs in bone, wood, or horn in black, white, or natural. 
Wood, buffalo bone, and other natural materials are used to create jewelry that speaks from the heart. 
Organic jewelry and hand-carved wooden earrings in a variety of styles.

*Our Piercing Jewelry and Gauged Earrings should only be used in well healed pierced lobes.*

Please care for your 6g jewelry or earrings in the following way:

-clean gently on occasion, as needed, with a mild soap and water.
-dry thoroughly.
-condition your organic jewelry lightly with jojoba oil or another natural oil intended for organic jewelry care. Wipe away excess oil.
-do not soak in anything, do not boil or autoclave.

storage:  store in a cool, dry place. (such as your dresser top or jewelry box.)
do not leave for extended time in your car, sunny window, or other hot or sunny place.
do not leave your organic jewelry in a place where it is wet or moist.

Natural 6g Body Jewelry

At GARUDA Jewelry, our organic jewelry and earrings are Fair-Trade and made from only Earth-Friendly natural and organic materials by highly trained traditional artisans. All of our materials are sourced ethically. To assure the highest level of quality and satisfaction, we work directly with the craftspeople.

*By purchasing this product you are supporting traditional arts and culture, helping the craftsmen and their families to improve the quality of their lives.

Historical piercing and lobe stretching

Ear lobe piercing and stretching is a time-honored tribal rite undertaken by communities all across the world.

Many individuals, including Animists, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and Indigenous tribes around the world, stretch and pierce their bodies. 
Regardless of their beliefs or cultural past, those who participate in this cultural practice have regarded ear piercing and lobe stretching in ceremonial respect and as a rite of passage, mark of knowledge, and beauty. 
There has been, and continues to be, a community of people or group of individuals that utilize piercing and stretching in combination with unique organic body jewelry, gauged earrings, and adornments on every populated continent, including you.

* Need help with finding your size? not sure if you need 6g ?...see our piercing size chart

Feel Good About Your Purchase!

By purchasing GARUDA piercing jewelry, you are supporting the value of cultural crafts and the families who make them. Each piece of Organic Jewelry is hand carved one at a time. We strive to provide high-quality, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Earth-friendly jewelry that will satisfy both the soul and the Earth...

Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families, as well as your decision to support environmentally responsible living and the human race.
All of our jewelry and earrings are hand-carved from natural materials by traditional people. Our materials are responsibly harvested, and we support their craft and culture while improving their lives and creating jobs where none would otherwise exist. We collaborate directly with craftspeople to create our unique designs in wood earrings.

We are here for you. All of you.enjoy your exotic nature...