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Our bone jewelry is one-of-a-kind and high-quality, having been handcrafted in our remote tropical archipelago. Our genuine bone jewelry and earrings are natural, carved, tribal, and authentic. Bone carved jewelry is a rare art form that only a few people can master. This is our handmade carved bone jewelry collection. 

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Bone Earrings | Maori Spiral. Tribal Earrings, Bone Jewelry.
Bone Earrings | Lotus Vine. Handmade Earrings, Bone Jewelry.
Bone Earrings | Earth Goddess. Carved Bone Jewelry, Natural Earrings.
Boho Earrings | Bohemian Lace. Boho Earrings, Bone Jewelry.
Bone Earrings | Ocean Wings, white. Carved Bone Jewelry, Tribal Earrings.
Tribal Earrings | Spring Blossom. Fake Gauges. Bone Jewelry.

Bone Jewelry |

Our bone jewelry is one-of-a-kind and high-quality, having been handcrafted in our remote tropical archipelago. Our genuine bone jewelry and earrings are natural, carved, tribal, and authentic. Bone carved jewelry is a rare art form that only a few people can master. This is our handmade carved bone jewelry collection. 

Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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Making bone jewelry is a timeless art form with deep spiritual roots that preserves the essence of life as jewelry and art. Bone is a lovely and long-lasting material that allows for fine detail carving with lifelike shape, may be polished to a high sheen or left with a soft aspect, and deepens in luster and color with time when worn and cared for. The material itself is difficult to work with because the natural shape of the bone, as well as its thickness or thinness, limit what can be done with it. Only a few pieces of jewelry can be made from a large bone, making bone jewelry a prized artistry that is far more complex than one might think. The finished bone jewelry is a long-lasting and beautiful thing to own and wear, and the art of carving is becoming increasingly rare with each passing year. Treat your bone jewelry as if it were a precious gem created in the heart of the earth, and cherish it.

We begin with careful material selection, then design and carve each piece by hand, one at a time, before sanding and buffing to a fine, soft polish. Every piece of this natural jewelry has a smooth finish and careful attention to detail, making it something others will admire and you will enjoy wearing. We hope you enjoy the incredible craftsmanship as well as the variety of styles and designs. Western Bohemian and GARUDA jewelry: handcrafted carved bone jewelry created by traditional people who have been carving for hundreds of years. Fair-trade.

Carved Bone Jewelry

Our bone jewelry hand carved in fine buffalo bone. The organic water buffalo bone in beautiful ivory-like natural white cream color is carved and polished smooth by hand into bone jewelry and earrings Color: White

Our talented artisans and designers have an unique history of carving bone jewelry that they have learned from ages of ancestors who have passed down the meditative custom of carving bone jewelry to each subsequent generation.
Bone carving is a hard and time-consuming procedure that begins with gathering and selecting the appropriate piece of strong, high-quality bone, purifying it, and finally carving a strong and detailed piece of jewelry after weeks.
Imagine a clean natural bone: the long whiteness, the hollowness in the center, the organic form... now imagine taking that and turning it into something we can carve into fine detail.

This bone jewelry is made to last a lifetime, if cared for. The selection of the bone and preparation of the clean material takes a long time. We use a variety of techniques to prepare the blank sections for carving into bone earrings and jewelry, and we sort them into various sizes and thicknesses so that we can make each jewelry piece. To create a guide for where the bone will be carved, we carefully etch the design into the bone surface. Engraving a three-dimensional pattern onto a bone for carving jewelry is a difficult and time-consuming task.
The first stage of carving to reveal the jewelry begins after the bone has been imprinted with the outline.
We carve the form from the prepared natural bone with a variety of chisels and knives, being cautious not to shatter the work of bone jewelry art in progress.
This procedure necessitates a steady, experienced hand, as well as more patience than one might expect.
A mistake made in the middle of carving bone cannot be undone, so the carver's every action is crucial. As the form of the work is revealed from the bone, we must return and engrave it again, sometimes drawing in details to be carved again. If you've ever seen scrimshaw, you're aware of the attention to detail that goes into creating a fine piece of bone carving. The bone has nearly been transformed into a piece of jewelry after several stages, but the final details must be filed and sanded into the bone before it can be polished and worn. We buff the carved bone with a polish for the final polishing stages before hand finishing the jewelry with a soft cloth.

Island Bone Jewelry

We are quite proud of the quality and attention to detail in our  bone jewelry, as well as the experienced carvers with whom we cooperate to make these carved jewelry pieces. When you wear it, you can feel the thanks and friendships involved, and it's something we'll always appreciate and cherish. Island  jewelry carving is a time-honored art that requires patience and talent. Hundreds of different designs of  jewelry carved from natural white bone are available. Natural bone is transformed into eternal wearable magnificence in the shape of carved jewelry, earrings, and Hawaiian bone necklaces, which is our passion.

Since 2001, we've been turning bone into fair trade tribal carved jewelry. We are dedicated to living on a planet that is healthy and happy. Our jewelry is made by artisans with whom we have a personal relationship, who we care about, and who we take care of. Traditional arts and culture, the environment, and high-quality craftsmanship are all things that we value.

Our Bone Jewelry is a fair trade product. Carved bone jewelry made by people in the exotic Indopacific archipelagos, where carving has been a family tradition for centuries using b one that is natural and ethically sourced.

The Bone:

bubalus bubalis (Latin)
Origin: SOUTH-EAST ASIA. Our jewelry is made from bone that has been reused from food production and farming methods. The water buffalo in Southeast Asia is a tamed animal. It's utilized for plowing fields and hauling goods. They are well-cared after and essential to the existence of the indigenous people. They are eaten when they are too old to work, and every component of the animal is used to manufacture tools, jewelry, leather, and a variety of other products.

care of bone jewelry:

Your natural bone jewelry should be cleaned on a regular basis with a mild soap and water, rinsed thoroughly, and thoroughly dried. The bone does not need to be conditioned, but it can be oiled on occasion to protect your bone jewelry or earrings. The color will darken into an oily semi-translucent yellowish ivory tone if you over-oil it. The natural oils from your skin may permeate into the material if you wear it every day for a long time. You can brighten them if they grow too dark by soaking them in peroxide mixed with baking soda, then thoroughly rinsing and drying them.
Make every effort to avoid dropping, sitting on, or stepping on it. Although the bone does not require conditioning, it can be oiled to maintain your bone earrings, as advised at the beginning of this page. As a result, rather from being pure bone white, the hue will deepen into an ivory-like tone.

Enjoy our collection of genuine buffalo bone earrings and jewelry. We handcraft each fine piece of this carved bone jewelry in natural bone to provide a diverse range of tribal and spiral styles in carved jewelry, bone necklaces, and earrings.

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GARUDA natural jewelry

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