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These tribal earrings, fake gauges, tribal body jewelry, and hoop earrings come in over 800 styles and are made from exotic natural materials.

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Tribal Earrings | Evolving Vine, sono, Tribal Fake Gauges.
Tribal Earrings | Moon Flower, Ivory. Fake Gauge Earrings.
Wooden Earrings | Beginning, Tribal Earrings.
Bone Earrings | Tribal Earrings. Bone Jewelry.
Wood Earrings | Happy Family, black. Earrings.
Wood Earrings | Lotus Vine hoop. Earrings. Sabo. Tribal Asian Jewelry.

Tribal Earrings |

These tribal earrings, fake gauges, tribal body jewelry, and hoop earrings come in over 800 styles and are made from exotic natural materials.

Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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We offer finely crafted tribal earrings in exotic natural materials that are bold, ethnically inspired, detailed, organic, tribal, and spiral. We collaborate with traditional artists from far lands to carve tribal designs into one-of-a-kind earrings  made of genuine wood, bone, and horn. With our handmade earrings, gauges, and tribal jewelry with a pin or post closure, you can express your soul and blossom. Feel your spirit, independence, beauty, and pride by adorning yourself with stunning jewelry and tribal style earrings created from natural bone, wood, and horn, allowing you to flourish with artfulness. In ethnic and tribal motifs, our earrings are fashionable and classic. The accessories we sell are custom-made in one-of-a-kind designs using genuine materials. We have the ideal present for you if you're looking for something unique and memorable. Long dangle and drop earrings, sophisticated hanging floral earrings, polished and smoothed spiral gauges, trendy fun motifs like tusk and talon patterns, hoop earrings, and hanging fake gauges are all part of our adorable and elegant tribal jewelry collection.

Tribal Jewelry and Fake Gauges

GARUDA has worked with traditional artists for over a decade to create our stunning tribal earrings and jewelry, which we are excited to share with you. We start with beautiful natural materials like exotic wood, buffalo horn, and bone, then design and handcraft each piece one at a time. The earrings have been polished to a fine, soft finish that you will love. Our tribal earrings stand out due to their smooth feel and careful attention to detail. These earrings, tribal body jewelry, and tribal fake gauges will make you forget about your other jewelry or your ex. Each of these tribal jewelry pieces is handcrafted in genuine wood, bone, and buffalo horn and is finished with attention to detail and style to create the perfect pair of earrings for any occasion.

Without the hassle of stretched piercings, our tribal earrings provide outstanding style. Our socially responsible and handcrafted earrings,  body jewelry, and faux gauge earrings and jewelry are made from natural and organic wood, bone, horn, and coconut, and follow fair-trade principles to help create and preserve world happiness. enjoy...

These tribal earrings carry winds of truth and strength, freedoms yet to be discovered, and deeply inspiring tribal people and memories just waiting to be discovered.