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These organic and natural wooden earrings are produced by indigenous artists in a variety of woods and styles. Our earrings and jewelry are carved with precision from gorgeous, solid wood.

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Wood Earrings | Lotus Vine long hoop earrings. Hypoallergenic Earrings. L...
Wood Earrings | Lotus Vine Hoop Earrings. Deep Olive Green.
Wooden Earrings | Sprout, sono. Tribal Earrings. Natural Jewelry.
Wood Earrings | Lotus Vine. Green hibiscus earrings. Organic Jewelry.
Wooden Earrings | Spring Vine. Earrings. Natural Sabo
Wooden Earrings | Goddess Wings, sono earrings,

Wooden Earrings |

These organic and natural wooden earrings are produced by indigenous artists in a variety of woods and styles. Our earrings and jewelry are carved with precision from gorgeous, solid wood.

Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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All of the exotic wood we use in our earrings is sourced ethically. To assure the highest level of quality and satisfaction, we work directly with the craftspeople.
Our wood jewelry is proudly made by traditional craftspeople. Our wooden earrings are carved from quality wood and show off the rich, natural colors. Our earrings, like our Faux Gauges, fit in regular pierced ears and do not require any particular sizing. Because of the tribal aesthetic of the materials and design, they look and feel like body jewelry or gauged earrings. Our wooden hoop earrings come in a variety of styles, from plain hoop earrings to intricately carved earrings with intricate motifs.
Our earrings are hand-carved from exquisite wood. These organic, spiral, and tribal earrings, wooden hoop earrings, wood jewelry, and carved jewelry are made of solid and richly colored natural wood that has been hand-selected.

Our earrings are available in a range of natural wood. Colors, include light golden and mahogany brown, as well as warm red, purple, and greens and black ebony. Natural black earrings carved from a deep black colored and shiny tropical wood similar to ebony wood are so stunning that we can't take them off. Natural jewelry that is hand-carved and Fair-trade is created by skilled artisans who have been carving for hundreds of years. Unless otherwise specified, these earrings are designed to fit standard pierced ears. There are also sterling silver posts available.
Wearing natural wood jewelry and earrings brings a richness to our life, as if the power of nature were carrying you in its palms as some treasured messenger of its wealth and power, asking you to share its grace and calm with the world. The luminosity that emanates from the beautiful lines and rich hues of these incredible earrings is unlike anything else on the planet.

You will be amazed by the incredible beauty and variety of styles, colors, and designs available in our earrings and natural jewelry. Our wooden jewelry is handcrafted by people who have been carving as a family tradition for hundreds of years. Fair-trade. Organic: Exotic wood jewelry.

Wooden Jewelry and Earrings

We begin by carefully selecting the wood, developing the design, then carving by hand, one at a time, before sanding, smoothing, and buffing to a shine. Every pair of these earrings has a flawless finish and meticulous attention to detail that you will admire and enjoy wearing. Our earrings and jewelry are handcrafted by people who have been carving for hundreds of years as a family tradition.

All of our earrings and jewelry are Fair Trade, and they are handcrafted by highly trained traditional artisans using only natural and organic wood. Our organic and tribal earrings are hand-carved from stunning and distinctive exotic wood. The tropical wood we use is always sustainably obtained or repurposed for these earrings and carved wooden jewelry..

Check out our range of light blonde or ivory-colored earrings carved from gorgeous ivory wood. These stunning ivory-colored earrings look well on people of all complexion tones and hair types, but they look especially magnificent on blondes and dark-haired persons. The wood's color contrasts with the hair color like swirling ivory-tone highlights, and it also brilliantly accents dark tanned and black skin.

How we make our carved wood jewelry:

The stunning, one-of-a-kind wood earrings are handcrafted from rich natural and organic wood. For over a decade, We have collaborated with traditional artists to create these incredible wearable works of wood art. From start to finish, our procedure takes over 6 months to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality and free of faults. To begin the process of making a long-lasting piece of jewelry or a set of earrings, the wood must first be prepared. It must be dried slowly in a controlled environment, away from moisture and rain, so that the wood is strong, clean, and free of flaws, and your earrings are not damaged. We get so thrilled about how gorgeous some of the wood is that when we're about to utilize it, all we can think about is all the fantastic earring designs we can come up with that will look great in a particular color and patter in a particular piece of material. Wood hoop earrings and spiral earrings have a sparkling brilliance and liveliness when made from wood with burls and stripes, but tribal earrings look best in a solid color. We chose a wide choice of wood with diverse characteristics for our gauges and fake gauge earrings, depending on the final design we have in mind for you.

Our natural jewelry has a 6 month guaranty and warranty.

Our earrings are patiently made with very steady hands, using a series of fine tools for each stage, and allowing the final pair of earrings to reveal itself slowly from the wood is very important, because once cut, the wood cannot be repaired if an error is made. As we strive for the highest quality so that our warranty has a good reputation, we take special care to ensure that the wood we work with is perfect and strong. Every pair of wood earrings we make comes with a 6-month replacement guarantee. If there is a problem, all you need to do is send us a photo and your order details, and we will send you a replacement.

About this jewelry:

Our materials are Responsibly Harvested.
By choosing organic jewelry over stone or metal jewelry, you are not contributing to the environmental hazards and degradation of natural lands caused by the mining and refining of stone or metal. In the production of our wood earrings, no materials are wasted. All of them are biodegradable. Any excess wood from jewelry production is used as cooking fuel or composted in the garden. Many of these materials are becoming scarce, and we are looking for more abundant wood with the same quality, so please keep in mind that the wood you want for your earrings may not be available in the future under sustainable practices.

About the materials:

OTHER NAMES: Bentawas, Bintangur
OTHER NAMES: Crocodile Wood, Panggal Buaya (Spine or Scale of Crocodile)
LATIN NAME: Zanthoxylum Rhetsa.
ORIGIN: Indonesia, Tabanan Regency, Selemadeg district.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: Can be grown in a Plantation or Wild Garden. The Wild Garden is an area of land behind where the people in the village live, many trees, fruits and plants are grown there. Essentially it is a kind of family farm, half wild, that is shared by the community. A permit must be acquired and the community must agree before the wood is cut.
OTHER DETAILS: Native to lowlands from India to the Philippines, bentawas and crocodile wood are almost ivory in color, and is referred to as the ivory of woods because of its smooth finish and color.

Varieties: Sonokeling, Sonokembang.
LATIN NAME: Pterocarpus Indicus.
ORIGIN: Indonesia, East Jawa (Java), Blitar regency.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: The source we use offers Plantation Grown Sono, though it can be wild harvested under government control. Tree must have minimum diameter of 30 cm before cutting, the trees are replanted in the wild harvest setting.
OTHER DETAILS: This tropical wood has a beautiful colors from a deep purplish and red-brown with golden brown highlights and comes in a range of color, and has a satiny smooth finish, making it a most beautiful choice for earrings. It is still abundant and responsibly grown and harvested. The variety we use is Sonokeling.

ORIGIN: Indonesia, Northern Tabanan Regency.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: the source we use offers Plantation Grown Waru. The trees re-sprout freely from the stump after cutting.
The variety of colors of this wood makes it choice for unique earrings.

LATIN NAME: Diospyros Celebica.
ORIGIN: Indonesia.
OTHER DETAILS: RECYCLED. Ebony wood is in danger! All of our ebony wood is made of recycled wood, and much of it is made from the remnants of altars, carvings and antique furniture.

LATIN NAME: Diospyros Confertiflora
ORIGIN: Indonesia.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: wild harvested.
OTHER DETAILS: This beautiful tropical wood is naturally black in color, hence the name which literally translates to charcoal wood. The earrings made from it are beep black and amazingly durable, resembling ebony wood.

OTHER NAMES: Panggal Buaya (Spine or scale of Crocodile).
LATIN NAME: Zanthoxylum Rhetsa.
ORIGIN: Indonesia, Bali, Tabanan Regency, Selemadeg district.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: Grown in a Plantations or Wild Gardens. The Wild Garden is a kind of community garden that is shared by local families.
OTHER DETAILS: Crocodile wood is almost ivory in color, and is sometimes referred to as the ivory of woods due to its smooth finish and creamy color. It makes beautiful Earrings.

ORIGIN: Indonesia, Payangan.
OTHER DETAILS: This wood has a natural fleshy tone that varies from a light skin color to red peach
Our Source: The Sabo Wood we use for our jewelry comes from wild garden on land of the Family of one of our Master Carvers. By chance, they have the trees growing there and they cut it themselves for our use and to help the family.

LATIN NAME: Cocos Nucifera.
ORIGIN: Indonesia.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: the coconut shell is a byproduct of the harvesting of coconut for food and oil. The wood is plantation grown, home grown in wild farms in the village.
OTHER DETAILS: Recycled. Coconut is a staple food and grows in great abundance. The shell is also used to create art, jewelry, and cookware.

How do I put on my wood earrings?
Wrap the wooden earring around your lobe gently. Begin threading the earrings' post through the front of the earring as well as the opening of your ear piercing. Twist and gently insert the post through your piercing into the back of the earrings, twisting the post slightly until it fits. Make the post snug, but not overly so. Please don't try to compel them to do anything. If the post or peg on your tribal earrings feels excessively pointy or harsh, soften the ends with a nail file or a piece of fine sandpaper. You can also use a nail cutter to remove a very small portion if it is too long. 

Feel Good About Your Jewelry!

Our wooden earrings and jewelry are fair trade, fun and sexy. . . we do whatever we can to ensure your happiness with our jewelry, and the happiness of all those connected to it, globally.

*You are supporting traditional crafts and the families who make them by purchasing our wood jewelry and handcrafted earrings. Western Bohemian seeks to deliver high-quality, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted natural jewelry that will fulfill the soul and more. Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families, as well as being a choice to buy an environmentally friendly product. Traditional folks use organic materials to create our adornments. We are confident in the quality of our product and its aesthetic appeal. We will do all it takes to make things right if our product fails you in any manner.

We take great pride in the quality our carved jewelry, organic jewelry, tribal earrings and organic jewelry. please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it better.

Kind Regards,
Western Bohemian Jewelry and GARUDA Organic Earrings
Handmade, fair trade and amazing. . .
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